Monday Dinner 5.30 – 9.30pm

Spiced lentil and parsnip soup 7.00

Charred broccoli, buckwheat, slipcote, romesco sauce 8.00

Pickled, shaved & pureed cauliflower, dukkah 7.00

Radicchio, almond cream, beetroot, Medita, burnt garlic and honey 9.00

Courgette gratin, black truffle, Merry wyfe, salad 10.50

Cured salmon, blood orange, black olive, citrus dressing 9.00

Parma ham, celeriac remoulade, bitter leaves 9.00

Chicken liver parfait, beetroot relish, salad & toast 8.00


Saffron & squash risotto, black rice, garlic 16.00

Lebanese lentils, tahini, harissa, greens, flat bread 16.00

Fish of the day, leeks, braised barley, mustard cream 16.00

Lamb rump, Jerusalem artichoke, greens, citrus 19.00

Chicken breast, frijoles, roasted sweet potato, greens, Medita 19.00




Sauteed greens / Gratin Dauphinois/ Bashed roots  4.00 each


Salted caramel, coffee, shortbread 7.00

Triple Chocolate & beetroot brownie, creme fraiche 7.00

Winter fruit oat crumble, cream 6.00


Selection of Bath organic cheeses 4.00 each

Bath soft, Merry Wyfe, Bath Blue, Wyfe of Bath.

( All served with biscuits and homemade chutney )