Sunday 25th February 12 – 9.30pm

Spiced parsnip soup , homemade bread 6.5o

Blood orange, broad bean, pumpkin seed, medita & kalette salad 7.00

Carrot salad, pickled cabbage, celery, tahini, & almonds 8.50

Brown crab, sriracha on toast, leaves 8.50

Beetroot cured salmon, corriander, chilli & blood orange 10.00

Leek, celeriac, Parmesan & Taleggio tart 9.00


Rhug Estate pork collar, cider & mustard sauce 18.50

Rhug Estate lamb rump, red wine sauce 20.00

Roasted romano pepper 15.00

All roasts are served with garlic roasted potatoes, kimchi greens, parsnips, red cabbage, bashed roots

Sweet potato & root cake, cavolo nero, beetroot, cherry tomatoes 14.00

Line caught mackerel, chickpeas, mustard pickle, kale 17.00

Fish of the day, coconut curry sauce, squash, brocolli 19.00


Triple chocolate & beetroot brownie, creme fraiche 7.00

Apple & blueberry crumble, creme fraiche 6.00

Banana caramel bread & butter pudding 6.00

Selection of British cheeses, biscuits, chutney

4.00 each